As we all know, Covid -19 has been a challenge but we’re adapting. So far, we’ve been fortunate in the Greater Cornwall Area (GCA) with the relatively low reported number of cases but the virus is still around!
Back in March of this year, we actually closed the construction sites for quite a few weeks. Lucky for us, we had no pending deadlines to be concerned about. Obviously, we’re back to work with all of the necessary protocols in place.
From the office front, we’re trying to minimize “drop-ins” by having preliminary discussion over the phone or via email. Please contact us this way to start a discussion about new housing.  The idea is to minimize traditional “meetings”.  So far, so good.
From a construction point of view, we’re dealing with price increases due to the supply and demand of certain materials. As you probably have heard, covid-19 has had the same effect as winter “cabin fever”. We’re all spending more time at home and discovering new needs on the home front. The best example was the demand for pressure treated lumber. This impacted the supply of regular structural lumber which affected the home building industry. The lumber market will probably stabilize sometime this fall. Finally. Stay safe!

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