Phase 1: Picking a building lot
Purchaser’s own building lot
* Menard Bros building lot offerings
* Other build lot public offerings
* the building lot determines any house design constraits.

Phase 2: Finding the appropriate design

* In house preliminary sketches using computer automated drafting (CAD)

* Searching through our extensive inventory of house plans

* Coordinating the help of a well known residential architect – if necessary

* Ballparking the cost of construction to give a preliminary indication of the price range

Phase 3: Estimating the cost of home

* Potential pre-construction agreement

* Preparing estimating drawings

* Listing all necessary construction elements

* Researching all options (the purchaser’s wish list)

* Preparation of proposed specifications

* Detailed estimate of all material, labour and services required to complete the project

* Listing all specification inclusions and exclusins

Phase 4: Construction Agreement 

* Prepare final construction drawings

* Establish an appropriate construction schedule

* Prepare final construction agreement

* Issuing the MBA Purchaser Manual

Phase 5: Selections 

* Confirmation of numerous relevant construction details
* Selection of all exterior finishes and features
* Selection of all interior finishes and features

Phase 6: Construction of the new home

* Inspecting the work throughout the process

* Completing the turn-key project

* Ensuring all minor deficiencies are addressed prior to possession

Phase 7: Possession and Service

* Walk-through the new home

* Coordinating the TARION New Home Warranty Program – certificates

* Coordinating the G.S.T. housing rebate

* Keying all locks and deadbolts alike

* Coordinating the electrical and natural gas finals

* Possession Report concerning helpful information for your new home

* Completing all necessary possession forms and paperwork

* Adding all documents to the Purchaser’s Manual

* Explaining the after sales services procedure

* Periodic follow-up after possession

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